Mardin Baklava Patisserie “Freshly Made Everyday”

During this period, Mardin Baklava Patisserie has grown and developed well even now has been trusted to supply the demands of typical Turkish baklava  Patisserie in various government and individual circles.

The growth and development of Mardin Baklava Patisserie is one of the most interesting stories of success in the field of typical Turkish culinary, in this case more oriented to the typical Turkish food lovers in Indonesia. Likewise, Mardin Baklava Patisserie was established and managed by a team consisting of competent and experienced Human Resources in their fields.

Mardin Baklava Patisserie produces a high quality menu, made with love and passion. The artwork in combining softness, crispness and sweetness that makes all of your moments and turkey depict every bite. A beautiful and seductive look in every menu that served by Mardin Baklava Patisserie reflects a sweet classic impression, the strength of an amazing ethnic culture, and the authenticity of Turkish culinary flavors. So that this meal is very suitable to be enjoyed with your spouse, friends, relatives and family. Both during leisure and official events.

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